Human Afterall is a multidisciplinary art collective founded in Lisbon, Portugal, but with artists from the world.
Artists who make art for the love of art and for the people. Who want to rupture the fabric of space-time and create in whatevers means necessary. 
Since 2012 we've been creating on this basis:
Every participant artist chooses a theme.  All themes go to a poll for 48 hours. Whatever theme was chosen democratically by everyone, including you, will be represented in an artwork from every artist. From music, to photography, illustration, text, etc..
Now, we are getting ready for 2023, and we have big things coming. Stay tuned, and be a part of our journey.
Current Lineup of Artists:

Bilal Ahmed - 
CA.AU - Khalil Suleman - Kleiton Bassi - Motta - O Aveiro - The Birdman Projects - XCI (Diogo Graça)

All artists who have participated:
Voltur - Chiara Monfrini - Alexandre Diaphra aka Biru - CA.AU - Diogo Cunha - Daniel Eime - Diogo Graça - Felipe Raizer - Gabriel Rolim - João Pereira - Khalil Suleman - Kleiton Bassi - Manycure - Motta - O Aveiro + Diogo Perneta - Paulo Albuquerque (LOC) - Pedro Martins - Sarah Brown - SHE/HE/IT - Sibila Lind - Straka - Tempura the Purple Boy - The Birdman Projects -
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