Utopic Landscape Glitch #1


“Abençoado Céu do Goto” is a very rhythmical and intense track in its own way, filled with synths and angel like voices, with sadness, with anger too perhaps, and distorted and dirty things, kicking from the gutters of the city. 
In this arsh environment, looking at the light from above through the cracks, wisdom was attained in the darkness. Through conflict and  resolution, fights and amends, the mundane and the magical created the conditions to transcend gun violence and separation into a more harmonious life where blessings are witnessed, felt and acknowledged. 
Peace in the community exists.
“Um Mar Sem Densidade” is an ambient kind of track where one can feel the ups and downs of waves, and the depths, density and the mystery of whatever lifeforms lurk under water or above, as we swim in the unknown and in the pressures and releases, with surrender and faith in meditation, there is liberation. 
After floating and struggling in the vast ocean, we arrive to the shore of a marvellous, indescribable island.
The two tracks are very much contrasting with each other as in different landscapes, different steps in the ladder, different moments in the journey to a promised land, a utopic place, an oasis. These are two pieces of the soundtrack to the way of a utopic landscape where dreams are reality.
"Saturno Landscape", is a musical track which sounds inspirational as if one would be hearing a great humanitarian speech, but it’s instrumental only. Can be perceived as reaching out to something, achieving a goal or arriving to a mesmerizing and energizing place. 
Starting, one can hear the beauty of the utopian strive, while also the dissonance and sadness in the struggle to let go of the past, and to believe in the future, a better future.
Mixing the new world with the old world, there is simplicity and down-tempo, but also hard kicks and fast paced energy in a musical composition that grows and adds elements with a constant piano from beginning to end.
In Roman mythology, it is considered the god of agriculture. It is a celestial body associated with concentration, permanence, tenacity, ambition, and productivity, but also rules caution, delay, constriction, limitation, responsibility, rules and regulations, pain, fear, authority, discipline, control,
and denial. 

In astrology, Saturn reflects wisdom, discipline, and karma, and it governs time and the wisdom and expertise that comes from slow, steady, and structured growth. It is said in Vedic astrology, that Saturn is ruling Capricorn and Aquarius.

Utopic Landscape Glitch #2


Utopic Landscape Glitch #3


Utopic Landscape Glitch #4


I believe that "utopia" as the blissful, perfect concept of reality, is attainable by our mindset and actions. A clear and peaceful mind, a grateful attitude of belonging with balanced detachment from material bondage, and a collaborative and kind way of living, can create the utopic reality I personally envision. 

I believe the "Utopia" is here, on this plane, right here, right now, and in a vast number of earthly landscapes we can very strongly feel this utopia. 

If we just learn how to see, how to think and how to empty our mind, how to control our bodies and its appetites, we can live in this blissful frequency. 

What if "utopia" can be redefined, not as a concept that is never attainable, but an immaterial, invisible feeling of divine harmony within and without, in peaceful cooperation with our surroundings?

What if "utopia" can be something as "nirvana" is?

What if Zion is here and Heaven is here and all it takes is to tune in properly?

Maybe utopia is our truest nature as spirits inhabiting this world?

Utopic Landscape Glitch #5


Utopic Landscape Glitch #6


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