Cabin Fever
Never as today we heard about "the new normal".
The "Lockdown" has become part of out daily life since March 2020. Some seemed to have quickly adapted, finding innovative ways to keep themselves entertained, while others were nervous, anxious and bored.
The phase we are currently in, fights to bring  people back to a life we once called normal.
For many, however, this return is far from simple and pleasant.
Going out with masks, finding a sense of narrowness escalated by a confusing set of fast changing restrictions and rules, not knowing what you can and what you can't do.
The "cabin fever" is a mixture of confusion and insecurity, of anxiety and fear of leaving our home, of meeting people, of finding a world profoundly different from the one in which we were used to live.
It is the fear of re-starting.
I try to stay positive and sometimes, as I stare at the window glancing over the remains of yesterday's illusion, I can not avoid to question myself about what "normal" comes next. 
Chiara Monfrini