Dark Shadows - '' Umbra ''
Fear, a shadow that stops me. It appears in front me. Sometimes like strange force. Dark. Magnetic. Suddenly i fall into this hole. And it’s like a vicious circle and i can’t get out. 
Pain, it’s a shadow that i feel. Closer. Inside. Sometimes outside. Sometimes in my body. Always in my head. I can see it but i can’t forget it even when i’m not feeling it. 
Ego, an inner-shadow. Big. So big. Invisible. Fighting against him. All the time. Neverending battle. There’s no wins. No trophies. Only regrets.
Light Shadows - '' Penumbra ''
Love, warm shadow. Colours. Feelings. Emotions. It’s life. Life in motion. Energy. Positive energy that guides me to the portal of no judgments. Immeasurable.       
Freedom, the invisible shadow. I can’t see it but i feel it. Powerful. Changing. It allows me to speak, to act, to feel, to stand, to do and to be. Important. Crucial. Essential.
Joy, the brightest shadow. Sunbeams. Smiles. Pleasure. Light. I follow this light in pursuit of happiness and it’s my road to it. A Long road to infinite memorable moments.

Pictures by my boy Gonçalo Arroz aka Mr. Rice

Diogo Graça