It took me a while to realize that my phone was ringing in the other room. I immediately turned off the burner where the coffee pot was set and ran to see if I could still make it. I recognized the number from the photo lab even though it was not recorded on my contact list, and quickly picked up the phone. A kind and professional female voice on the other side quickly introduced herself:
- Hello?
- Good afternoon, this is ***** from the photo lab, how are you doing?
- Hi, I am fine thank you and yourself?
- I am very well, thank you for asking. Mr. Tiago I am contacting regarding the film role you have delivered yesterday for development and unfortunately I have to inform you that the film is empty.
- Oh wow! - I said surprised, doubting that the role contained absolutely no information whatsoever - that is unfortunate.
- Indeed, these things happen from time to time with analog photography, however, rest assured that by policy in these cases, we give the money back to our customers.
I paused for a second as some frustration started to kick in from having spent hours in my bathroom with the lights out, carefully experimenting with different ISO levels and several light sources in front and behind the lens to a point where I actually burned the film a bit, with a lighter.
- Mr. Tiago?
- Hum... I am here, Sorry. I appreciate that but what do you mean by empty?
- The film is empty, there are no images.
- Are you sure? You mean that if you scan the role, the result would be all black images?
- Well it has some light leaks but, there are no pictures.
A sudden feeling of relief just took over upon hearing these words, and the hope that all those hours might have not been a total waste, came back.
- Light leaks you said?
- Yes. Light fragments that normally happen when someone opens the camera without rewinding the film properly, and unintentionally exposing the film to light.
- Oh, but that's it! It wasn't unintentional. - I said a little over enthusiastically - Those are the pictures.
Lomography 800 (Expired in 2015)
Canon AE-1